Vacation Planning Made Easy

Our consulting services for your vacation planning begin with a phone conversation to discuss your travel interests and preferences.  By learning your travel style, we are able to provide you with recommendations that are tailored to your tastes.

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Do you have a vacation idea in mind, but need some help pulling off the perfect trip?
Give us a call or shoot us an email, and we will help make your vacation dreams a reality.


Itinerary Services

Wanderlust Travel Consultants will do all of the hard pre-travel work for you.  We do the research, cross reference, dig deep (and then a little deeper) so you are able to maximize each travel experience.

Wanderlust Travel Consultants will provide you with a custom trip summary and a detailed daily itinerary including booked hotels, transportation, restaurants, and excursions.  We will also include valuable information on your destination, travel tips, and typical weather.  We will use our personal expertise, our contacts in the travel world, and our travel research know-how to create the perfect trip for you.

Consulting Services

With this option, Wanderlust will provide personal attention and detailed information for you to book your own vacation, including hotel, restaurant, and excursion recommendations.

Additional Services

Wanderlust will happily assist in planning unique honeymoons, girls trips, and multi-generational group travel.

North America has a lot to offer travelers.  Enjoy the rich cultural history and amazing food in American cities like Chicago and New Orleans.  Relax on a pristine Mexican beach or take in the natural scenic beauty of Canada and the many US National Parks.

Central America has white sand beaches on both the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean that beckon to surfers, scuba divers, fisherman, and snorkelers.  Central America may be geographically small, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in biodiversity and natural splendor.  Experience pristine jungles and bustling cities, and start you vacation planning with us today.

A vacation to Europe can be as diverse as the continent itself.  A traveler can experience neolithic history, the Renaissance, and a thoroughly modern city all in the same day.  From sun dappled beaches to the snowy peaks of the Alps, Europe has it all!

Few things are as perfect as relaxing on a sunny Caribbean beach.  The people are friendly and the laid back vibe is just what you need.  Explore the similarities and differences among the Caribbean islands and sample the local food like jerk chicken, curried goat, and callaloo. Vacation planning made easy, with Wanderlust Travel Consultants!

Australia has it all:  bustling cities, stunning landscapes, incredible wildlife, native culture, and friendly people.  From snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef to visiting the outback with Aboriginal Australians to watching a performance at Sydney Opera House, Australia has something for everyone!  See a kangaroo in the wild and taste the world renowned wines from the vineyards of Margaret River.  Come say g’day to the wonders and diversity of Australia.