Wanderlust Travel Consultants was created from a love of travel

and a desire to share our travel experiences and expertise with you.


kelly, wanderlust travel consultants, travel planningKelly

I love to travel!  Many of my fondest memories are from trips I’ve taken over the years.  I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to travel extensively in Europe, the Caribbean and the US. During college, I spent a semester abroad in Florence.  After college, I worked in a fishing village on the West Coast of Ireland. Here in the US,  I have lived in various cities including San Francisco, Denver and St. Louis.  In each of these locations, I became an insider and gained a local’s perspective.  This is what Wanderlust Travel Consultants does for our clients.  Your travel experience will include insider information that will allow you to experience and appreciate the culture and vibe of your destination.  My unique, fun and exciting travel memories inspire me to keep traveling and immerse myself in other cultures and ways of life.  Wanderlust understands that individuals don’t necessarily have the time or expertise to arrange travel details.  We will create your ideal trip.


jill, wanderlust travel consultants, travel planningJill

I blame my parents.  They got me hooked on travel from a very young age, starting with family trips to the US National Parks.  Those trips were followed by forays to Europe, the Caribbean, and beyond.  In total, I have visited 37 countries on 6 continents.  I like to focus on the natural beauty of each location as well as the food, people, and cultures.  I examine various details including ingredients, architecture, history etc. to discover the differences and similarities among the various locales.  I love the research and planning almost as much as the trip itself!  Let Wanderlust Travel Consultants plan your next vacation and ensure that your travel is nothing short of spectacular.




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